Asia Matters For America

You may be interested in the newly revamped Asia Matters for America website of the East-West Center in Honolulu.


2 thoughts on “Asia Matters For America

  1. Anastasia Maria Stitch

    Bremmer’s view that Obama’s “doctrine” of economic statecraft and the pivot to Asia is not to be confused with containment, but rather is a form of hedging is interesting. More importantly, he is right to warn about the possibility of rising tensions being perceived by regional neighbour’s as containment, leading to the unintended consequence of them reacting as if it is so.

    Therefore, the impact of the rise of China is by far “the largest geopolitical risk in the world today” if only for this reason.

  2. Rebecca Pang

    Chris Feddersen mentioned in an article posted online a few days ago that ”with worldwide economic growth, particularly in Asia, and new trade agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), exports will continue to increase their importance to the U.S. economy”.

    I would say TPP is actually an economic leg for the U.S. to return to Asia. Especially under Obama’s administration, he is trying to set up a more open system with exchange between the less developed countries and the U.S. However, there are concerns and accusation against the president that he does not stick to his promise in compromising for any harm to the environment, the health of its citizens and food safely etc back in 2008. Some voices are saying that TPP could alter intellectual property standards and there are way more costs to pay for multinational corporations’ profit through the proposal. There are quite a few huddles to overcome before the TPP could be regarded as a real “plus” to the U.S. economy.


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