A Look Inside the DPRK

From Michael W.:

A trip to North Korea to report on a golf tournament.


One thought on “A Look Inside the DPRK

  1. Moon Do Kim

    Golfing in North Korea is something I would have never thought of happening. As many may already know, although the trend has been recently changing, golf has mainly been a sport of luxury, limited mostly to those of a higher social status. South Korea has also had a golf fever within the last decade or so, mainly composed of those individuals who boast in having the spare time to either engage it as a purely health and sport reason while some have put themselves in the ‘social network’ dimension in order to meet client’s needs. And similarly to the article, most, if not all, caddies in South Korea are composed of women, providing fake smiles and compliments to high positioned individuals from prestigious companies.
    However, golf in North Korea strikes me as something very odd compared to other countries. There is wide consensus that the economic situation in North Korea is very severe, where millions of its population either starve to death or live in extremely harsh conditions. Also, it has been recognized that previous leader Kim Jong-Il would live in luxuries, being surrounded by a huge collection of cars, films, wines, and other products of high cost. Simply said, I believe that there is something very wrong in the way the country is managing its resources. Building a golf course would have cost quite a lot of money; money that could have saved thousands of lives for many years. While a very small percentage of the country indulges in unnecessary luxuries and hobbies, the country does not seem to be worrying at all about the deaths and true requirements of its people.


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