China’s Political Transition

From the CG:
Consider watching this Foreign Affairs video interview with Damien Ma of The Eurasia Group on China’s political transition from the Hu Jintao era to the new leadership under Xi Jinping.

One thought on “China’s Political Transition

  1. Phoenix

    Damien Ma had some insightful and pragmatic observations about the leadership transition in China and it’s impact on U.S. and China relations. He noted that even though China has gone through a tremendous transformation over the last couple of decades the opacity of the regime remains. It remains unclear that once the dust settles if Xi jinping will have the political will and clout to tackle some of the serious challenges China faces in reforming its economy and social inequality or will he use Beijing’s deepening mistrust of U.S. intentions in Asia to divert attention from the domestic woes he has inherited? Stay tuned.


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