China’s Economic Diplomacy

A recent China Daily article on China’s economic diplomacy (recommended by Stephen Sheung).


2 thoughts on “China’s Economic Diplomacy

  1. Michael

    An interesting move and one other countries will consider following. With growing global economic interdependence, it will only become more important for countries to play their economic relationships more strategically. It’s fascinating to see mention of China using its economic position in relation to the Euro zone crisis. If ever they were in a position to use their economic power to force change on the global order by having Europe accede to some of their positions, this would be it. So far they have held back but the situation won’t last forever.
    One other line that struck me was this:
    “The Chinese government did not instigate these boycotts, and called for rational patriotism after Japanese-owned businesses were looted and damaged in some Chinese cities.”
    While they might not have instigated the riots (I have no way of saying they did or didn’t), they certainly did not act as ruthlessly as in past situations to shut them down or hide the views of rioters from the public.

  2. AM2012

    I would recommend, for people who have an interest in China’s changing use of economic diplomacy, to read the recent article by James Reilly titled China’s Unilateral Sanctions. I think I may have referenced it during my group’s presentation, however it does shed some light on the recognition in Beijing that China’s economic clout can translate into an effective (though, as the article linked in this post mentions, sparingly used) tool for international relations.


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