Reminder: Film Screening This Evening

If you are interested in watching a financial thriller set in Hong Kong, please join us for the screening of the film $upercapitalist – from 6.30 pm to about 9 pm. The film will run until about 8 pm. We will then have a discussion with the writer, producer and lead actor Derek Ting about the film, its portrayal of Hong Kong and the film industry. The venue is Meng Wah T3. Please do come if you can.


One thought on “Reminder: Film Screening This Evening

  1. Patrick Cheung

    Considering this is Derek’s first independent film, every aspects can only be opportunities for further improvement. Wonderful casting with great performance from veteran Chinese actors Kenneth Tsang and Richard Ng. Overall, great story plot with a strong theme of Western Capitalism (money first) versus Eastern Confucianism (family first). Even though there was an overwhelming emphasis on the hubris personality of capitalists, which our humble banker/ fund trader classmates and friends would defer, I love how Derek has depicted on how much the Eastern civilisation prioritises family value over anything else, including law and human lives. The ending “twist” could have been formulated in a better and memorable way, which might provoke some elongating thoughts for the audience. Actually, several scenes of the movie made strong resemblances with Merlin and Anastasia’s presentation on the Chinese way of “關係 Relationship” and “後門 backdoor”. All in all, as an independent file with limited budget, $upercapitalist deserves pats on the back.

    Finally, thank you for the wonderful opportunity of the screening and the great discussion with the crew. Greatly appreciate and support independent film makers!

    Score: 7.5 out 10


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