Links to Readings

“Getting Asia Wrong: The Need for New Analytical Frameworks” by David Kang may be found here.

“International Relations: One World, Many Theories” by Stephen M. Walt may be found here.

“Constructing an ‘East Asian’ Concept and Growing Regional Identity: From EAEC to ASEAN+3” by Takashi Terada may be found here.

Finally, though not on the reading list, for a challenge to the Western dominance in International Relations theory, you might look at this 2007 lecture by Amitav Acharya, which is available here and the first chapter (“Why is there no non-Western international relations theory? An Introduction”) by Amitav Acharya and Barry Buzan in Non-Western International Relations Theory: Perspective on and beyond Asia (edited by Acharya and Buzan), which is available here.



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