Screening of “$upercapitalist”

For my undergraduate class on “Hong Kong and the World”, I have arranged a special session on Monday, 8 October, from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm, to screen the newly released independent film “$upercapitalist” – a finance-themed thriller that was shot in New York, Hong Kong and Macau. The venue is Meng Wah T3 (Alas, in the now unfashionable Main Campus). We will be joined after the screening by the movie’s producer, screenwriter and lead actor Derek Ting for a discussion of the film and its portrayal of Hong Kong. (Read reviews of the film here.) Reuters editor Chrystia Freeland writes that “‘Supercapitalist’, which moves from boardrooms and shipping yards to casinos and bars filled with call girls, does a fine job conveying the mood of a city in the throes of rapid economic transformation.” She adds: “Mr Ting has made a film that raises some provocative political questions, but his personal agenda is entirely artistic: He set out to tell ‘a universal, human story.’ His ethical ranking of business, with the money- changers emphatically at the bottom, is an instinctive choice, not an intellectual one. That says a lot about current views on the subject, even on one of the world’s most energetic capitalist frontiers.”

Please join us for this screening. Feel free to spread the word and bring your friends and others who may be interested in watching what should be an intriguing film and having an interesting discussion with Mr Ting.


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